look after your talent and they will reward you!

who we are:

We are a small family of trainers, teachers and therapists who initially came together to work as a team to support and compliment each other's skills. We wanted to expand our reach and take our skills out into the wider community to help people achieve an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle. We can help schools and businesses to offer creative and sporting activities as well as provide health talks and workshops on a variety of issues. Since we began we have continued and will continue to expand our pool of experienced and talented coaches and instructors in a wide variety of disciplines. Whatever you are looking for we aim to provide it for you, leaving you more time for other duties.


Our Arts Programmes give children and students from Elementary through to High School the chance to learn and develop their skills in a range of arts activities. Each season follows a theme or works towards a goal.

Our Sports Programmes provide tailored courses delivered by highly qualified instructors to help develop the students strength, stamina and coordination. Our goal is to build confidence and self-esteem through sports and fitness.


Our Staff Welfare Programmes and Team Building Workshops give employers a chance to enhance the mental and physical health of their employees and therefore improve overall performance and productivity.

The best start in life!

Well rounded children make for well rounded adults who are able to work together for a brighter future. It takes all sorts, which is why we offer a wide variety of different activities to cater for different personalities and physical needs. We are constantly looking to expand our programme of courses on offer and if there is something you want let us find it for you!