The UK Royal Academy of Dancing style programme we run is overseen for us by Asia's only RAD Examiner, Ms Teo Ching Ching. Classes will be taught either by Ms Teo herself or an RAD registered teacher under her supervision. 

  • ballet
  • Bollywood style & Classical Indian Dance
  • Breakdancing
  • creative writing
  • drama
  • flower arranging
  • group fitness/team building
  • health talks
  • hip hop/street jazz dance & other modern dance styles
  • javanese dance
  • kickboxing/MMA
  • nlp for self confidence and success
  • nutrition talks/workshops
  • posture correction in the workplace/good posture for life
  • presenting skills & voice projection
  • stress Management 
  • yoga
  • ​zumba

​If there is something you want that you can't see here let us find it for you!


​Unique graded breakdancing course devised by Eden Ang, formerly of the Universal Studios 'Streetboys' crew. Includes warm up, strengthening exercises,

footwork and tricks.


​Yoga practice will increase your co-ordination, strength, balance and flexibility. Breathing techniques and relaxation exercises can help to balance temperament and relieve stress. Beneficial for both adults and children.

Stress management:

​In this fast paced world it is easy to neglect the self and  become burnt out. Even low levels of stress affect health, wellbeing, performance and relationships. Learn coping techniques.


Classical Indian dance as well as folk, bollywood style, Chinese and Malay dance demonstration and practice with Vasugi Ganesan.

course overvue


Drama and theatre arts courses can be tailored to your specific class and/or performance requirements. For all ages and levels of experience.


group fitness/team building:

Let our coaches and instructors design and run events for you to suit your requirements. 

hip hop/street jazz dance & More:

Improve fitness, strength and co-ordination with the latest dance styles and music.

Practice technique and learn routines. Contemporary dance also available


​Both fresh and preserved flower arranging classes and demonstrations available.


​Various forms of martial arts tuition and kickboxing available. Can be combined into circuits or taught individually

Indonesian dance:

Traditional Javanese & Balinese dance performances and workshops taught by Nunuk or Elly. Costume display/practice and use of masks plus hair and make up demonstration options.

health talks:

From diabetes to heart disease our experts can give valuable advice on how best to manage your overall health and wellbeing and help promote and support a fit and active population.

presenting skills & voice projection:

Improve confidence and delivery of presentations/speeches. Learn use of body language, gesture and focus to engage your audience plus breathing and exercises for voice control and projection.


The dance fitness craze that has swept across the globe. Latin-inspired beats and easy-to-follow steps are combined to create a high-energy, aerobic workout that’s fun, uplifting and totally effective.


​Unleash the imagination and hone your writing skills. Suitable for all ages.


​Neurolinguistic programming techniques and coaching can help clear mental blocks, define goals and improve performance and communication skills for success.

nutrition talks & workshops:

​Food preparation demos, and nutrition workshops/talks can be catered to any audience. Let us know what you want and we will arrange it for you.

Posture correction & workplace set up:

Posture talks and practical posture correction workshops to suit your needs. We can also help with better workplace design.